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The priestess of the golden age

The priestess of the golden age

She is a servant. A servant of the divine.
She is serving every being in his/her own divine origin.
She is serving the origin of the divine fire.
The priestess of the golden age is willing to serve in devotion.
She is aware that she once made a promise, when the golden age arrives she is ready to connect with her power of knowing the scared skills of the vedic fire priestess again and to unfold them.

Is willing to offer those in this age to prepare the path for everyone who is seaching his/her way into the golden age.
She has a deep longing inside of her to reunited with her sisters again.
With whom she once got trained around Babaji’s fire.
She is waiting to renew her skills for this age.
She carries a golden diamond in her heart.
Sometimes hard to find – hidden very deeply.
She used to hide her holiness for many decades.
To protect it and keep her sacred wisdom through all times.
She knows now, is the time to move on.
The time has come to live the path of the golden divinity.
This is her only focus.
She knows that the dramatic times are over and is ready to fully serve the divine golden fire.
The divine fire of the priestesses will burn again.
And each one of her will light up her flame again.
Many flames will burn again around the globe and all kinds of beings will be guided through these flames into new times.

Babaji trained me for years now to be ready to educate the priestesses again to let their diamonds shine again.
I will start now, to put this into a training structure.

If you are feeling a call please let me know.
I created a closed group “The priestess of the golden age” on Facebook for our protected exchange.